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Truly Experiences –

“We’ve been working with Emily to supercharge our Content Marketing & Influencer campaigns, and she’s been a huge help, going above and beyond our expectations! 

Not only is Emily a great writer with really distinct and witty writing style, she’s one of the few ones who just ‘get it’ super quickly. We didn’t need to spend hours briefing and digging deep into our brand – Emily understood our business challenges quickly and was able to develop great ideas swiftly and independently.

Not only is she creative, Emily also works well on the ‘quant side’, knowing that success ultimately needs to be proven by numbers. She’s really getting stuff done! It’s been a great ride working with her so far, and I am certain we’ve only seen the surface. My highest recommendations!” 

Hackett London – 

“Emily has been creating regular pieces of content for our blog and email marketing. She evolved a thorough content strategy using industry findings, filling content gaps and keyword planned her pieces in order to fulfil a strategic as well as customer engagement purposes.

She has been a great addition to our team and her methodical processes have certainly helped the way we look at content and plan for seasons ahead.”

MediaClash – 

“Emily’s expertise meant that she showed us a true insight into how we could grow our audiences and engage with them. We were missing many tricks and had little strategy. We now have both and are delighted” 

Leading Online Estate Agent –

“Emily’s strategic management of our social media channels helped us to build our social presence from the ground up. She took the time to understand what the brand was truly wanting to achieve, to learn the industry and confidently adopt the tone of the company.

Emily took a rounded and thorough approach to her work with us and we achieved fantastic results, proving Facebook and Twitter to be one of the highest traffic drivers to our site when if strategically managed.