Compelling content: a strategic writing process

Content creation is by no means as simple as putting pen to paper. As discussed in my recent blog about creating your content strategy, there are many strategic steps that go into evolving compelling, purpose-serving and shareable content. Having explored the wider approach to content creation, let’s burrow into the writing process of each brief.

Creating a content strategy that delivers

A compelling content strategy is not just about generating content that engages. It’s about proving your brand as a consistent and reliable source of information that your audience isn’t receiving from other places. Aside from the obvious SEO benefits of regular content fills, your brand requires this organic outreach to position you as the informed […]

How to report on your influencer outreach strategy: the basics

As discussed in my last post about the power of influencer marketing, influencer outreach is a new, exciting and fruitful method of company communications. However, where it is such a new practice, distinguished and reliable methods of reporting haven’t been widely established yet.