No one is ever going to get social media marketing right every time. If your businesses social media isn’t engaging your audience as well as you’d like review these marketing faux pas to allow for more considered content.

Planning and Time Management

In order to utilise social media marketing it is necessary to optimise your uploads reflective of what times best engage your audience. Every company is different and so is their audience, therefore there is no one size fits all in terms of planning and content management. However, if you are B2B (Business to Business) then the optimum time for your social media would be within office hours, preferably at quarter to or quarter past the hour to catch the most attention. If you are a B2C (Business to Consumer) consider the times people are most likely to be on their phones, my suggestion would be to test content uploads in the morning, lunch time and evenings in order to be visible to the most people.

How to Avoid:

By using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts you will be able to upload content whenever and wherever as per a schedule. By planning a week or so in advance you can maximise how and when your content will be published without needing to publish the content yourself. This will enable you to keep your social media current without having to wait around to upload manually. Avoid planning too far in advance as something you scheduled to post last month may not still be relevant tomorrow.

For More Than Just Awareness

Your social media strategy should consider more than posts on new products or services and consider the general industry. By posting content which is relevant to your company and the industry you can maximise your visibility as a brand and perhaps even create new connections.

How to Avoid:

The best way to utilise your social media for more than awareness is to consider generating content that is relevant to your industry and audience. By publishing much broader content you will be able to form relationships with a wider audience and overtime this will grow your client base.

Begging for Attention

The best way to appeal to your audience isn’t by begging for attention. Lists and lists of hashtags on your social media posts will increase your following but impede on your reputation. By using the same hashtags repeatedly you may actually find that your content becomes ‘shadow banned.’ Shadow banning is a system put in place by Google in order to diminish spam posts by making your content invisible. 

How to Avoid:

Hashtag for relevance, not for the sake of extra views. Using relevant hashtags means that your content will be at the fingers of your audience and by utilising this as a marketing tool you will gain recognition within the industry. With social media it is better to have a loyal following who engage with your brand rather than lists of fake followers. Its very clear when a someone has paid for followers as their following will be large but there will be very little engagement with their content.

Ignoring Negative Feedback

A by product of any social media marketing is feedback whether that be positive or negative. It is important to communicate with all consumers and a common fault is when a business ignores or deletes negative feedback from their social media. By responding to negative feedback in a professional manner will be visible to other consumers whilst also creating an opportunity for you to improve on aspects of your marketing to appeal to a wider audience.

In the case of inappropriate or abusive comments it is best to either ignore the comment, or if something doesn’t sit right with you report it to the social media platform for them to review, do not actively engage with social media slander as it will only damage your reputation.

How to Avoid:

Take what you can as constructive criticism. Often negative feedback can be useful and point to aspects of your brand that are not working, perhaps a page which doesn’t load or a product’s description is not clear. Showing that you acknowledge a problem and publically engaging with reviews to fix problems will only boost your reputation.

Figures and Statistics

The best way to market yourself on social media is by tracking and analysing what content really works. By looking at the statistics you can understand what posts engage your audience the most. This will enable you to make the post of social media as a marketing tool and you won’t waste your time on content which isn’t benefitting your brand.


How to Avoid:

By keeping an eye on your Return On Investment [ROI] you will be able to monitor that you are getting enough in return for your posts. This tool will show you what elements of your social media are working and areas which you could improve on. By referring to statistics you will know what works for you and allow you to post reputable content which engages your audience.

Blog by Sadie Jones.


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