One of the many wonderful things about influencer marketing is that it’s scalable. Whether you’re a multi-million pound brand with hundreds of thousands to spend on it, or a small, new brand with, well, nada to spend on it, influencer marketing can suit every shape and size of a brand if you’re willing to set reasonable expectations.

I’ve spoken with many young, gorgeous, quality brands who’s product is worth shouting about but who have £0 budget in their influencer pot. Several of these have approached me asking for content features from influencers with 30k+ followers on the Instagram, and although I’d love to say “yes of course I can make all of your dreams come true”, unfortunately this isn’t realistic. Standards need to be set and brands with no budget need to thrive within their means and therefore target credible, engaging influencers with a small but ever-growing following. Introducing the micro influencer.

Jaime Tung –

A micro-influencer can be defined by two things;

1.  They have credible social channels that have grown organically (if they have 100 posts and 10,000 followers you can assume that maybe they haven’t won their followers fair and square!). These influencers will have a modest following, but the followers they do have behind them are engaged, interested and most importantly, trust what they are saying. These things are crucial when looking to work with influencers to build brand awareness and develop a new audience.

2. They’ve ‘got it’. They have huge potential for growth, an eye for detail and a great way with words.

It’s important to remember that micro-influencers aren’t about the number of followers they have behind them. With many being less likely to have succumbed to promoting ads for juice cleanses and with more conversational, natural, relatable content, they have proven themselves as trend setters and are known for creating content that is more genuine and trusted compared to their higher profile comrades.

Claire Menary –

What all of this means is that micro-influencers aren’t just the smaller, more affordable version of the big name influencer that you had your eye on, but in fact, they could be the key to unlocking a new, more engaged audience for your brand.

Remember, the type of influencer a company works with should always align with the brand or product and the best exposure will come from an influencer that prioritises the relationship with their audience. In short, micro-influencers provides you with authentic voices acting as modern day word of mouth review.

Small, but mightier than you think! Just one of the many dimensions to the fascinating and diverse practice of influencer marketing.

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